I aspire to build novel social computing systems that can have a broad and positive impact .
My general interests lie in human-computer interaction (HCI) and social computing.

I am excited to update that I started my Ph.D. in these areas at University of Michigan, School of Information and am advised by Professors Eric Gilbert and David Jurgens!

Catching Russian Trolls on Twitter

We've been trying to find suspected Russian trolls on Twitter with machine learning: We think they're out there.
This is my first research project as a PhD student and the motivation for me was to help the U.S. election.

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Content dispute resolution on Wikipedia and Wikum - CSCW 2018

Request for Comment (RfC) is a system within Wikipedia for inviting new inputs to help resolve an ongoing content dispute. I researched on understanding and improving the process by gathering 7,316 RfCs and building models to predict RfCs' outcomes and discover which factors mostly impact the discussions' outcomes. The paper on this work was conditionally accepted to CSCW 2018.

[ paper ] - [first research talk!] - [CSCW slides]

Customized blocks in MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is an open source web platform that lets users build their own Android Apps quickly by using blocks-based programming. I implemented a new feature called “user-defined blocks (customizable blocks)” during 2017 Spring semester.

I became interested into the system-building aspect of HCI through this project.

[ final report ] - [ slides ] - [ demo ]
[ MIT App Inventor code ] - [ Blockly code ]

3D Printing Assisted Fabrication of Soft Robotic Hand with Embedded Soft Electronic Circuits - 1st prize in Design category

With my friend Pelkins Ajanoh of MIT, I developed 3D printing based soft robotic hands with stand-alone actuation and control system.

I also contributed to the lab by independently implementing the software interface for precision 3D printing for advanced soft materials.

[ award announced page ] - [ details ] - [ demo ]

Designing business plan for camping industry using big data - 3rd prize

I first analyzed big data while engaging in a competition called Big Data Analytics Festival organized by SK Telecom, the largest telecommunications corporation of South Korea.

In order to design a business plan for the Korean camping industry, I analyzed SNS text data, GPS data, credit card spending data using clustering, time series analysis, and sentiment analysis with my teammate Yoonjeong Cha.

[ slides (Korean) ] - [ award announced page ]

Embedding VR blocks into MIT App Inventor - short paper accepted

I programmed a JavaScript API for embedding VR blocks into MIT App Inventor using libraries including three.js and Physijs.

I got a paper on this work accepted to CTE 2017.

[ accepted short paper ] - [ slides ]

Why Computer Science? Why HCI research?

Although I started off as a Business major, I always had the thirst for creation using technology. I looked at the programmers more in awe instead of the project managers.

This led me to learn programming and engage in the Big Data Analytics Competition organized by SK Telecom, the largest telecommunications corporation in South Korea. The goal of the competition was to design a business plan from analyzing big data. This was the first time I studied data mining, and for three months we taught ourselves how to preprocess data, select the right algorithms, and analyze the results while sharing our insights with each other. It was an eye-opening experience, and I loved the freedom of being able to create using technology.

Simultaneously, however, the experience made it evident I preferred projects with a more novel and fundamental approach to the mere application of business strategies. The understanding that research involves finding novel approaches fueled my desire to immerse myself more deeply in research endeavors.

At the same time, I fully knew that I was interested in the interaction between the computer and the human, attributing to a user-centered mindset I gained from business classes. This led me to decide to involve in more human-centric research projects while at MIT, and through these research experiences I narrowed down my interests within the area of HCI.

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